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What is Cenegenics the leader in the age management field

Hi this is James Powell, I'm a senior consultant with Cenegenics, the largest age management practice in the world for almost 20 years. I'm also a course instructor with the age management Medicine, Education Foundation we sponsor an AMA approved certification course for physicians we've trained thousands of physicians over the years in this specialty the reason I'm reaching out to you today is at some point you've inquired with Cenegenis maybe about your health your vitality you have some kind of health goals in mind so I just wanted to give you a brief overview of who we are and by the way I'm also a patient on the program myself (more information about Cenegenics here I can even talk a little bit about that so what is age management medicine we help our patients achieve optimal health wellness vitality and really minimize all the risk factors of all the common diseases that plague our society so how do we do that first of all let's talk about some of the common slowdown symptoms of aging the ones we commonly think of .

Of course is you age even getting into your 30s you start to notice the decline in your energy levels certainly we noticed some body composition changes gets much harder to stay lean we tend to pick up additional weight, mostly body fat both men and women experience these common changes of aging certainly some cognitive changes happen we don't sleep as well that drive and motivation changes a little bit sexual changes happen and of course we have a much higher chance of being on some kind of common medication blood pressure, medicine cholesterol medication maybe a diabetes medication other common medications of people probably over the age of about 40 and by the way I'm in my mid-50s right now and I have to say I feel every day I function at the level I did literally in my mid-20s and I'm just a typical patient on the program so what causes these common changes of aging because most of these common changes. The changes listed are preventable or you can certainly minimize or delay for many years the onset of some of these changes well there's some basic things that happen even in our mid-30s and of course it gets worse and worse as we age one would be the metabolic and hormone imbalances now this happens to everyone and we'll talk about at least I'll give you an overview today of how we will address these things everyone knows their metabolism changes as they get older you might be eating better you might be feeling like you're starving or going on diets and you still cannot lose that belly fat or those are the problem areas well we have to correct those metabolic and hormone imbalances if you will ever achieve the health goals that you're looking to achieve besides those another common reason we start to experience changes of course would be lifestyle challenges we all need some help with how we eat how we exercise.

I know busy life gets in the way we don't always eat the way we should and of course fitting in an exercise routine can be very difficult if you work a lot you travel things like that family
obligations so basically our program addresses and corrects any metabolic and hormone imbalances and you also have your own exercise physiologist your own nutritionist who helps you with your goals in eating a little bit better working out there's no dies through meal plans on this program in fact I have to say I love knowing I can eat in great restaurants I can eat when I travel and I'll have to feel like I'm starving to death and of course I don't have to spend an hour a day in the gym either to accomplish my goals my team members help me with that it's very achievable it's very time friendly and that's part of what our program does for you now if you do these things if you correct all these things we're the common results you can expect to achieve well again I'm almost 55 as of this recording and I have to say I'm never tired which is priceless in itself

I'm physically as strong or stronger than I've ever been my stamina is every bit as good as it was in my mid-20s when I was in the military literally to function like I was half my age it's absolutely priceless and of course it helps me and my work capacity it helps in my relationships with my children my family members it helps you in every aspect of your life so really all I want to do today is just to invite you to find out more there's no obligation what I would like to be able to do is have you speak directly with one of our caring physicians we have the most highly trained physicians in the world in this and we offer a very unique opportunity to speak directly with one of our physicians there is no cost for this phone call with the doctor there's certainly no obligation and all the phone calls are confidential so if  you're watching this short video I'm sure you received our emails maybe one of the representatives from one of the doctors offices has called you probably left a voicemail I definitely invite you the next time they call take a few minutes it's worth it talk to the doctor ask questions they're not going to Russia again there's no obligation they'll find out about your health goals they can provide you with some options the medical options at least answer your questions about your own health and your goals that you have any concerns you have in the aging process I think it'll be the best phone call you've ever made again we invite you to call the number back or take the next phone call take a few minutes out of your busy schedule what is more important than your health your wellness your vitality your time on this planet thank you so much we definitely look forward to speaking with you.

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