mercredi 27 décembre 2017

Anti Aging Foods

Each day as we age, millions of body cells die and most are replaced. Good nutrition is essential to rejuvenating the body and providing the right building blocks to generate new, healthy cells. A healthy diet, rich in nutrients including some recommended anti-aging foods can also help protect cells that are not easily regenerated such as bone and brain tissue.
To start with you should watch your total calorie intake. Being overweight can contribute to a number of age related health issues including diabetes, heart disease and osteoarthritis. Refined sugar and saturated fat should also be limited as they can contribute to cardiac disease such as atherosclerosis and contributes to cardiac arrest and stroke.
  • Specific foods, rich in particular nutrients have been shown to retard the aging process and aid in rejuvenation.

Oily fish such as salmon and tuna are known sources of omega 3 fatty acids which have been shown to be beneficial in aiding persons with both cardiac disease and cognitive issues such as Alzheimer’s disease.
Dark berries and red wine are rich in antioxidants which are known to eliminate free radicals which are a major contributor to cell damage and death.
Leafy green vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, the darker green the vegetable, the better.
Nuts are known to be high in minerals and proteins often deficient in the diet of an aging person. They are rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium which are essential to the proper functioning of cardiac and nervous systems.
Whole grains are a good source of fiber and complex carbohydrate which will help control blood sugar and regulate the digestive system.
  • Proper hydration is also essential so plenty of water should be consumed daily. Finally, of course you should also get plenty of rest, reduce your stress level whenever possible and exercise according to your level of ability. Following these anti-aging food guidelines will help keep your body and mind healthy as you age and can contribute to a longer, happier life.

lundi 25 décembre 2017

Anti aging care tips for men and women

Who does not want to look youthful and pretty through their thirties, forties, fifties and beyond? I am sure that all.
If you want to have a handsome skin, no matter what age, a good rule of thumb is to use natural care skin-remedies and avoid undesirable poisons commercial products.
1. Good diet is important! Eat meals and traditional traditional fats, including the organic meats and chicken, deep-ocean fish, cultured dairy products, natural butter, coconut oil, and fresh fruit and vegetables in time. Remember that your skin is a reflection of your overall health.
2. Exercise in moderation – a half-an-hour brisk walk a day is important to your overall health and a great-looking skin. Too much exercise depletes the body from the essential minerals and other nutrients and facilitates Aging. Fear of gaining weight? Subtract the amount of carbs you eat!
3. Use only natural products that nurture the skin, like our ancestors did. The best are cold-pressed coconut oil and natural shea butter, which contains the necessary nourishing and moisturizing ingredients and naturally-occurring vitamins A, B, C, D and E, to keep your skin look its best.
4. Sunbathe in moderation, about 20 minutes a day on time. Remember that the sun exposure is absolutely necessary for both the robust health and a better-looking skin. However, protect your skin from sunburns and omit or limit the use of sunbeds, because the artificial UVA rays accelerate Burns and the Aging of your skin.
5. A wide-brimmed hat or a good pair of sunglasses are the must wear the summer, especially if your eyes are blue or green. By protecting your eyes from direct sunlight, you slow the age-related formation of wrinkles and also secure them from the development of muscular degeneration and cataracts. Wear your sunglasses. When you first enter the light, the tendency is to squint. Over time, leads to squinting loved wrinkles near your eyes called crow’s feet. To keep that pesky black birds from walking all over your face, wear wraparound sunglasses. Most people do not realize that Sunday is seen peripherally unless there is something there to block the lights. They will not spend big bucks either. If you find a pair pharmacy, they do the job just as well. Pop these in every time you leave home to avoid direct sunlight and glare.
6. Only a sleepless night or a day of worrying can make a woman look twice her age … Therefore, do not forget to have plenty of sleep, and reduce the concerns, conflicts, and grief in your life as much as possible. Happiness and freedom from stress is the most effective anti-Aging remedies.
Care of your skin really boils down to developing common sense practices in your daily life.
Practice these tips and beat the Aging process while feeling healthy and good about yourself.

samedi 23 décembre 2017

The Aging Body!

After puberty we stop growing. Actually the adult body begins to shrink in length/height, but grows wider/thicker in the chest and waist area. Height loss is even greater after age 70 years.
The auricle is the part of the body made of cartilage cell that continue to divide, grow, mature and die throughout life, according to Heiner Muller-Arneck’s study. Not the same with bones and cartilage in other parts of the aging body.
There is a shape change as the body ages. At age 60 – 69 years of age, the chest and waist are on average four inches wider than at age 20 – 29 years of age. The body length shrinks up to 3 inches. That would mean at 69 years old a person would be more comfortable in a wider chair, but a wider chair is not needed by the same person at age 29. The conclusion is with aging – the body shrinks in height, and gets heavier around the chest and waist area. The body is not as flexible or pliable.
The industry needs to rethink their products, and adapt them to the aging body. Copier machines must be better suited to older persons. Smaller buttons and keyboard are inappropriate as the aging hand grows broader.
By 2050 the number of people over 65 years will be over 20 million, 10 million of those will be over 80 years of age. They must be able to use TVs and mobile phones.

vendredi 22 décembre 2017

A Natural Way To Reverse Aging

Our bodies can show the signs of aging in many ways. Wrinkles, bags around the eyes, and liver spots are just a few ways we age. Our environment and lifestyle can play a major role in how fast we begin to show the signs of aging. We cannot stop the clock, but there are natural ways to reverse aging.
The Standard American Diet causes inflammation in the body. All of the sugary foods and processed snacks we have become addicted to wreck havoc on our bodies and cause a lot of the pain and ailments we feel. Eating a healthier diet can reduce inflammation.
Outside contributors of premature aging include free radicals. They are found inside the body and also in the air and water. These free radicals cause cancer and disease. Organic fruits and vegetables as well as green tea have a lot of antioxidants. A rainbow diet is a natural way to reverse aging.
Stress is a proven enemy to our physical and mental health. It speeds up aging and allows the body to be more susceptible to colds and other illnesses. There are many ways to handle the stress in your life.

Yoga, laughter, meditation and sleep are good ways to get rid of stress. Many foods can trigger stress including sugar, alcohol and caffeine. If the body is deficient in necessary vitamins and minerals, stress can be triggered. Eating vitamin rich foods and avoiding food triggers is a natural way to reverse aging and take the stress away from your body.

  • We live in a society where there is not a lot of physical activity. The sedentary lifestyle has caused our bodies to become flabby with poor muscle tone and bad posture. This makes the body look and feel older than it is. Pilates and walking are simple yet effective ways to firm the body and reverse aging.
  • If the body can stay clean from factory produced foods, pesticides and stress, it can heal. It is not just one natural way to reverse aging; there are several ways to do this. With the proper information and tools you can stop aging in its tracks.