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Anti-Aging Research

How Anti-Aging Research Is Helping Alzheimer Patients

New studies and research are finding comparable and positive effects of anti-aging principles are helping in Alzheimer patient’s recovery long term.It is also showing that anti-aging processes can prevent you possibly from getting Alzheimer’s as well. Keeping the mind healthy and active with exercise, diet and alertness is an important starting point.

It has been proven in research studies that when the body exercises and gets the circulation of the blood flowing at an adequate pace, the heart, brain and body all function at higher levels of alertness and activity. This is what helps keep mental faculties in tune and efficient throughout the aging process as well as doing a variety of mental  exercises every day to stay adept and youthful.
There is still a high demand for more valuable research and studies to be done within the Alzheimer’s and anti-aging front, but the good news is that more and more possible cures and positive medicines are being invented and approved each and every year.

The best anti-aging process to help with this and other age related diseases is still great, nutritionally smart diet choices, stopping the smoking habit, limiting or cutting out consumption of alcohol, exercising regularly and taking on a youthful and age proof attitude in your lifestyle routine.  These positive changes help not just you, but your family as well. Reducing stress is an important part of anti-aging and your total mind and body health also.

Recent research has shown that people with a certain type of E Apo gene pattern could be prone to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s later on in their lives. It is important to know if you have this gene so you can start as soon as possible to try to prevent Alzheimer’s symptoms from occurring.  Start now with these prevention techniques to enhance your later years by feeling more youthful and healthy.

How Anti-Aging Research Is Helping Alzheimer Patients

New studies and research are finding comparable and positive effects of anti-aging principles are helping in Alzheimer patient’s recovery long term.

Latest Anti-Aging Research
(Teas, Super Foods, Exercise, Minerals and Lifestyle)

Being in tune with new research involving anti-aging “latest and greatest” is important to all of us who want to do whatever it takes to slow down the agingprocess and stay younger looking longer.
New research suggests that Vitamin K could be an anti-aging miracle worker. It may also factor into preventing osteoporosis as well as disease of the heart.  It has richer, higher antioxidant properties than Q10’s coenzymes and Vitamin E. It is being tested for use as a future cancer treatment too.
Extracts made from green tea have been shown to slow aging processes due to their high content of antioxidants also. If you are a tea lover, then drinking 2-3 cups a day is just as nourishing and has the same positive effects.

Popular super foods for anti-aging success include vegetables and fruits of vibrant hues.  The brighter the colors on them, the more antioxidant punch they have for your body. Reds, blues, purples, oranges and deep greens are the perfect choices to stay younger looking research have shown.
By adding fresh berries or almonds to your yogurt, smoothie or cereal you can receive your fair share of  antioxidants as well.

Exercises which keep you flexible such as yoga and stretching are also important. Studies have shown the importance of flexibility in staying fit, fabulous and youthful. Keeping your body active and moving is a main ingredient in anti-aging as it increases circulation within the blood and strengthen bones and muscles.

Foods rich in calcium are known to be fighters for anti-aging too. These include yogurts, milk, fortified calcium rich beverages of soy, salmon (canned), orange juice, broccoli, sesame seeds, sardines, lentils and flax seeds or oils.

Your lifestyle has an important role in the anti-aging process as well. Daily exfoliation and moisturizing rituals, exercise, and healthy choices when eating along with adding vitamin supplements will all help keep you younger, radiant and spectacular looking for many years to come.

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